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Sunset on Solar Panels

Greeener Homes
Solar Rebates'
Stack over 5000$ in rebates!

Get registered before funding runs out - Here's the steps!

Here's the Steps:


Apply for Grants - Greener Homes Grant

Follow the links and fill out the application forms:

Greener Homes -up to 5000$ Grant and Loan


Schedule and complete required Energuide Evaluation

Schedule with us for the required home energy Energuide evaluation. Also great to find out other ways to improve your home efficiency and comfort!


Solar Installer - connect and complete project

If you haven't already contacted a solar installer - get quotes and get in their schedule! Make sure they are a certified and experienced company to avoid any issues or delays with the project.


Schedule Post evaluation and complete the grant submissions

After everything is complete - we come back for the required post-evaluation and then you'll need to submit the final parts and receipts for the project.


Receive the grant money!

Keep an eye on your email in case they require extra information for the grant - and enjoy your solar energy while you wait for the rebate cheques!

Costs for Energuide Evaluation:

  • Pre-retrofit $450+GST

  • Post-retrofit 250$+GST

Contact Us for more info and future updates

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