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Working For a Clean and Sustainable Future

The global trend towards sustainable, climate-protective technologies is driving innovation for net-zero buildings. We give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make your home a high-efficiency, low-energy haven. 

Modern House
Our Mission Is To Make the World
a Better Place

Sometimes, you have an experience that can alter the course of your entire life. When Jonathan Burr ran into such an event, he realized he needed to make a change. That decision led him down a new path where he could be a force for good. 

Jon learned how to improve the world, to make things better. 

Already environmentally conscious, Jon recognized a lack in the sustainable housing industry. Other companies gave advice for comfort improvements but didn't recommend significant change. Jon knew he could bridge the gap between saving homeowners a little money each month and helping homeowners learn how to build a better home. 

A home that uses significantly less energy and that actually is net-zero.

When You Know Better,
You Can Do Better

You’ve heard the old environmental catchphrase “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. But the byword of today is: recycle, recycle, recycle. How did the last R become the only R?

At Peace Energy Advising, we know that recycling is not enough to alter the course of climate change. We need to do more. And we can help you do more, too. 

Check out our weekly articles on various high-efficiency and low-energy technologies. You will be confident upgrading or retrofitting your home when you know more about your options. Whether you need to upgrade insulation, windows or ventilation, we can help you find the right solution for your situation.

You can also work with our energy advisors. They are certified by Passive House Canada and registered with Natural Resources Canada. This means they have the know-how to help you navigate all the ins and outs of your path to a net-zero home. 

Join the Movement and Make Changes for a Clean and Actually Sustainable Future
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