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Energy Advisor

What I do?

I actively promote making homes more comfortable, safe and efficient by sharing all my knowledge of building science, current high-performance technologies and techniques with you.

The first part of the process is understanding what you want to improve in the home. After that, a full home energy evaluation will inspect all the existing equipment and construction of the home and using a home modeling program, generate a file that we can model upgrades in the structure or equipment and show the different impact those would make. As you go about upgrading your home, I provide feedback and non-biased support as you get different opinions from the different products or contractors you’ll work with – many are good, but the industry may not be fully up to speed on the best proven methods and is many times driven by immediate cost and does not value long term benefits.

I work with the building science knowledge and believe in the “Home as a System”. Houses are their own little ecosystem. Changing one aspect will affect other areas, sometimes changing the exterior will prevent the regular moisture control and could make walls wetter than before and eventually rot. I will provide the best consultation I can to help you understand the different impacts some upgrades will make and how to properly address those as move forward.

 I work with the Energuide program from NRCan as a Licensed Energy Advisor – so many grant incentives to help fund energy efficiency require an evaluation beforehand to help guide the homeowner and sometimes identify other more priority areas. If you have questions, difficulty with the process in general and just need some advice, I’ll be there to help you through the process.

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